About us

Welcome to PeachKonnect, your premier online digital marketing partner based in the vibrant island of Mauritius. Launched in March 2023, we specialize in elevating your digital presence and enhancing engagement with your audience.

At PeachKonnect, we understand the importance of consistent content. That's why we offer services to arrange and schedule your content for a full 30 days, ensuring your digital platforms are always active and engaging. To keep your audience connected, we craft personalized email sequences for new subscribers, designed to run over 30 days, keeping them informed and involved with your brand.

Recognizing the value of every subscriber, we've developed a targeted revival campaign aimed at re-engaging "Dead Subscribers." This initiative breathes new life into your dormant contacts, bringing them back into the fold with tailored messaging and offers.

Our comprehensive approach includes the implementation of a robust database system for efficient contact storage, ensuring that no customer interaction is lost. Moreover, our site development service includes a pre-built page for scheduling appointments. This feature-rich page comes equipped with an integrated calendar, appointment manager, and a chat box, facilitating seamless interaction and scheduling with your clients.

To cap it all, our advanced tracking system meticulously monitors all leads, providing you with valuable insights and analytics to drive your business forward.

Choose PeachKonnect to harness the full potential of digital marketing, crafted with precision and passion right here in Mauritius.